At a Glance

Stranger than Fiction¬†follows Harold Crick, an IRS agent with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. His life is repetitive and follows a strict routine, until one day Crick begins to hear a voice in his head that accurately narrates everything he does. After enlisting the help of author and professor Jules Hilbert, Crick realizes that the voice he is hearing is the voice of author Karen Eiffel; he is the main character in her story, and everything she types in her book becomes reality in Crick’s life. After hearing the voice allude to his death and realizing that his life was Eiffel’s story, Crick makes it his mission to find Karen Eiffel and make her change the ending of her story to spare his life.

Overall, I give this film a “sideways thumb”. The story is intriguing and unique, and the actors are very talented and convincing. However, the film dragged on at times and the abrupt shifts between different plot lines left me confused at times.

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  1. Even though I haven’t watched this film, but just by reading this summary, I can tell that this was a pretty interesting film. The summary is to the point and by adding your opinion towards the film, it presented the pros and cons of the film.

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