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While filming techniques alone do not reflect religious themes, they can emphasize particular parts of a film that do. Stranger than Fiction does this by taking advantage of the camera angles and focus throughout the film.

For example, the beginning of the film featured several up close shots that were focused on very specific items, such as Crick’s watch, or the lines on a cabinet. The shot of Crick’s watch is especially important because it is made clear that every single tick is accounted for; it’s uniformity rules Crick’s life. One scene was filmed from inside Crick’s mouth while he was brushing his teeth, showing just how meticulous and calculated each stroke of his toothbrush was. As Crick leaves his home, the camera follows him at a parallel, with an extremely clear focus on just the things that are directly affecting Crick on his path to his destination.

Being that this film is narrated from Crick’s point of view, the filmmakers made sure to adjust the camera angles to focus on these things to emphasize to the viewers just how important they are to Crick. In fact, having obsessive compulsive disorder means that these are the things that dictate Crick’s life every day.

This emphasis on how controlled Crick is by the world makes the viewers far more appreciative of his spiritual journey presented throughout this film. Crick’s search for the meaning of his life, his pursuit of love, and his willingness to sacrifice himself in order to serve a greater purpose are all examples of his spiritual growth that is especially shocking to the audience when compared to what previously dictated his life. I believe the portrayal of the rigidness and material life Crick lived at the beginning of the film served as a huge contrast to Crick’s life by the end of the film. By presenting his life as two extremes, the audience develops a much greater appreciation for the change that Crick has undergone as a person.

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  1. Your focus on the camera angle is intriguing to me. I have paid particular focus on other films camera angles to emphasis certain points and it always interests me how and what they want to emphasis. I really enjoy the fact that you talk about the camera angles of your film because I can relate that with my film, Madeinusa. For example, in your film they emphasis the ticks of the watch and how meticulous he is when brushing his teeth. Similarly my film focuses on certain shots to emphasis certain key elements and beliefs such as when they focus on a dead rat, they use this shot to describe my protagonist beliefs on how dead rats bring good luck.

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